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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Laboratory of Molecular Parasitology

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  • Summer semester: “Molecular and Medical Parasitology”.
  • Winter semester: “Immunology” (jointly with Prof. Stemmann)
  • Winter semester: “Gene technology” (jointly with Prof. Heidmann)


Lecture content (Mol. Med. Parasitology):Hide
  • Biology of parasites of medical relevance (e.g. malaria)
  • Therapy and control
  • Socio-economic aspects of infectious diseases
  • Molecular and biochemical aspects of host-parasite interactions
Content of practicals (Mol. Med. Parasitology)Hide
  • Molecular techniques in parasitology
  • Differential gene expression (quantitative RT-PCR)
  • Molecular diagnosis
  • Cell biology (Immunofluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry)
  • Drug assays
Lecture content (Immunology)Hide
  • Innate and adaptive immunity
  • Molecular biology of antibody and T-cell receptor diversity
  • Plant immunity and evolution of the immune system (contributed by Prof. Clemens and Dr. Otti)
  • Medical aspects of immunology (contributed by Prof. Rupprecht, Prof. Kiani and Dr. Peters, Klinikum Bayreuth)
Content of practicals (Immunology)Hide
  • Purification and applications of monoclonal antibodies
  • Isolation and analysis of white blood cells and macrophages
  • Assays for cell proliferation and phagocytosis

Images taken during the practical “Applications of monoclonal antibodies”: green, anti tubulin antibody; red, DAPI (a DNA stain). Indirect immunofluorescence on methanol-fixed human cultured cells showing various cell cycle stages. Images are not copyright-protected.

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